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Dr Two will see you now!

What a difference 5 weeks makes! No.1 in the “top telly” hit parade at Casa C-P is my bespectacled counterpart – Count Arthur Strong himself. We’ve been totally won over week-on-week by his hilarious high jinks, scrapes and escapades. Episode 5 saw dog walking/pooper-scooping calamities, mental images of monkeys’ bottoms, and CAS causing an almighty kerfuffle in the hospital emergency room.

Dr Two

With Martin about to undergo a biopsy for rabies – “RABIES!!! I thought that went out in the 70s?!” – having been bitten by a stray dog, I nearly fell off settee one as the anaesthetic kicked in and Doctor Two appeared and declared: “It’s outside my area of expertise. I’m AFRAID!!!”


It was however, a very moving and touching finale when the shadow of death unexpectedly came calling for Arthur’s “Polish Princess” Katya, resulting in a taxi ride home just for two.

FOOTNOTE: Anyone out there see last week’s Count Arthur Strong? Disaster befell the C-P household after our Sky+ malfunctioned and cut the recording short just at the crucial moment where the entire cafe eagerly tuned in the wireless to listen to CAS’s radio performance playing the role of Paul – “I’m in it all the way through…” Cue end of programme – blue screen, press “back up” to return to listings, and a scathing glare in my direction from His Nibs over on settee 2!


Horses 4 Courses

Looks like it’s the end of an era for Barlow’s Bookies and I for one will be very sorry to see the traps shut. Where else are all the non-speaking extras gonna place their 50p each way on the likes of this list of runners and riders (soon to be destined for the knackers yard)! Never mind Steve’s 40-1 winner Absent Enemy, Ah’ll Tell Thi my money would be on Ee By Gum at 9-1.


It’s a sure bet we’ve all had enough of the ongoing “race row”… yawn ZZZZZzzzzz… I wish The Fireman, Lloyd & The Gang would just bore off now! Bring on Deirdre AKA “Switzerland in glasses” in her new role as UN Diplomatic Peace Keeping Envoy. 1st task: smooth over the relations between The Fireman and Lloyd – there’s nowt that can’t be resolved over a bottle of Sherry and a packet of Lambert & Butler in the back room at t’Rovers, then pack ’em all off in a Street Car down to Walford! Ta-ra!

Totally devo’d by Hayley’s news, but 3 cheers for good ol’ Royston and Sylvia rallying round her in support. There’ll be a few boxes of Kleenex got through over on settee 1 in the coming weeks, but I’m “Team Cropper” all the way! *air punch*

Out for The Count!

How many “likes” for the new BBC situation-comedy Count Arthur Strong (apart from me, Mr C-P & Richard Singleton)?

Is it so bad that it’s actually hilarious? It certainly passed the brutal “I’ll give it 5 minutes” cut-off in our gaff, and there was even some mutual LOLing from both settees – from a faded variety turn reconjuring up his Memory Man act, to high-jinks with a foot spa in the cafe, and how to disguise embarrassing toilet noises by bashing a pan with a wooden spoon! What’s not to laugh at?!

TV critiques however, are giving some very mixed reviews…

The Guardian: “The problem was this: it wasn’t at all funny.”

The Independent: “Did anyone muster a laugh…?”

icanboogie: “Really enjoyed it and tittered my way through it, especially when her leg came off.”

The jury is still out. As Our Graham would say… “The decision… is YOURS!”

Scriptwriters in heatwave mass-walkout!

CORRIEWATCH: Oh great! The Fireman is back centre stage with a controversial “race card” storyline! Feel compelled to send my two-penneth suggestion to the scriptwriters: 

In Ken’s “absence”, Deirdre takes over dog walking duties. Eccles chases some random cat up tree on Red Rec. Cat gets stuck. Quick, call The Fireman. The Fireman gets stuck. Never to be seen or heard of again! Simples!

Best line of the night goes to Steve MacD in t’bookies… “£2 on Fizzy Lizzy… reminds me of my mother!” I can think of other more apt names for her after THAT picture in Viz! #placethemingeface 😉

What the Blazes?! Say “sayonara” to Sunita…

Exciting “The Rovers is on fire” times on the cobbles tonight, although H&S Dave dampened all the high drama instantly with his… “she’d have well gone by now with smoke inhalation” risk assessment. Good riddance to home-wrecker Sunita as it will mean some soap-award winning uber-hammed up overacting of the highest order from Devendra to look forward to.

Praise be there was a “viewer’s advisory” prior to Corrie warning of upsetting scenes, I for one will be bleaching my eyes after the sight of the bump n’ grine grande finale by the Full Monty strippers! Thank goodness Ken and his kimono weren’t drafted in as first reserve.

And what a cliff-hanger to go out on – how will we last till Wednesday to find out who Fireman Paul was shouting out to, does he get out alive, and does anyone even care? At least we know Eccles is safe! #Phew

Going Live

Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 1, 2… Are you receiving, over? A big HELLO and welcome to “Through Deirdre’s Glasses” – my new tittle-tattle showbiz and telly blog.

Exciting TV times ahead with yet another “catastrophe” on the cobbles this Monday, and the finale showdown of The BIG Reunion already Sky +’d on this week’s planner. Keep tuned in for more…