Dr Two will see you now!

What a difference 5 weeks makes! No.1 in the “top telly” hit parade at Casa C-P is my bespectacled counterpart – Count Arthur Strong himself. We’ve been totally won over week-on-week by his hilarious high jinks, scrapes and escapades. Episode 5 saw dog walking/pooper-scooping calamities, mental images of monkeys’ bottoms, and CAS causing an almighty kerfuffle in the hospital emergency room.

Dr Two

With Martin about to undergo a biopsy for rabies – “RABIES!!! I thought that went out in the 70s?!” – having been bitten by a stray dog, I nearly fell off settee one as the anaesthetic kicked in and Doctor Two appeared and declared: “It’s outside my area of expertise. I’m AFRAID!!!”


It was however, a very moving and touching finale when the shadow of death unexpectedly came calling for Arthur’s “Polish Princess” Katya, resulting in a taxi ride home just for two.

FOOTNOTE: Anyone out there see last week’s Count Arthur Strong? Disaster befell the C-P household after our Sky+ malfunctioned and cut the recording short just at the crucial moment where the entire cafe eagerly tuned in the wireless to listen to CAS’s radio performance playing the role of Paul – “I’m in it all the way through…” Cue end of programme – blue screen, press “back up” to return to listings, and a scathing glare in my direction from His Nibs over on settee 2!


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