Horses 4 Courses

Looks like it’s the end of an era for Barlow’s Bookies and I for one will be very sorry to see the traps shut. Where else are all the non-speaking extras gonna place their 50p each way on the likes of this list of runners and riders (soon to be destined for the knackers yard)! Never mind Steve’s 40-1 winner Absent Enemy, Ah’ll Tell Thi my money would be on Ee By Gum at 9-1.


It’s a sure bet we’ve all had enough of the ongoing “race row”… yawn ZZZZZzzzzz… I wish The Fireman, Lloyd & The Gang would just bore off now! Bring on Deirdre AKA “Switzerland in glasses” in her new role as UN Diplomatic Peace Keeping Envoy. 1st task: smooth over the relations between The Fireman and Lloyd – there’s nowt that can’t be resolved over a bottle of Sherry and a packet of Lambert & Butler in the back room at t’Rovers, then pack ’em all off in a Street Car down to Walford! Ta-ra!

Totally devo’d by Hayley’s news, but 3 cheers for good ol’ Royston and Sylvia rallying round her in support. There’ll be a few boxes of Kleenex got through over on settee 1 in the coming weeks, but I’m “Team Cropper” all the way! *air punch*


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