Out for The Count!

How many “likes” for the new BBC situation-comedy Count Arthur Strong (apart from me, Mr C-P & Richard Singleton)?

Is it so bad that it’s actually hilarious? It certainly passed the brutal “I’ll give it 5 minutes” cut-off in our gaff, and there was even some mutual LOLing from both settees – from a faded variety turn reconjuring up his Memory Man act, to high-jinks with a foot spa in the cafe, and how to disguise embarrassing toilet noises by bashing a pan with a wooden spoon! What’s not to laugh at?!

TV critiques however, are giving some very mixed reviews…

The Guardian: “The problem was this: it wasn’t at all funny.”

The Independent: “Did anyone muster a laugh…?”

icanboogie: “Really enjoyed it and tittered my way through it, especially when her leg came off.”

The jury is still out. As Our Graham would say… “The decision… is YOURS!”


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