What the Blazes?! Say “sayonara” to Sunita…

Exciting “The Rovers is on fire” times on the cobbles tonight, although H&S Dave dampened all the high drama instantly with his… “she’d have well gone by now with smoke inhalation” risk assessment. Good riddance to home-wrecker Sunita as it will mean some soap-award winning uber-hammed up overacting of the highest order from Devendra to look forward to.

Praise be there was a “viewer’s advisory” prior to Corrie warning of upsetting scenes, I for one will be bleaching my eyes after the sight of the bump n’ grine grande finale by the Full Monty strippers! Thank goodness Ken and his kimono weren’t drafted in as first reserve.

And what a cliff-hanger to go out on – how will we last till Wednesday to find out who Fireman Paul was shouting out to, does he get out alive, and does anyone even care? At least we know Eccles is safe! #Phew


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